T&D Metal’s Privacy Policy

T&D does not sell, rent, lease or use their database of client’s names and information other than the express use described to client in product purchases, trucking, delivery, fabrication or service work.

T&D may use client information for communication, newsletters or specialty offers.

T&D does not advocate the unauthorized use of trademarks and copyrights. All licensed items are to be considered the properties of the respective owners of the corresponding trademarks or copyrights. Use of these intended properties is authorized only by the owner of the said property and it’s Licensees.

Trademark and copyright owners may also require permission for specific and limited use of Trademarks.

Examples of this are enthusiasts, enthusiast groups, non-profit special interest groups, church or charitable organizations, and other “one-time only” uses.

Although these parties may not need a full scale licensing relationship, express written permission is usually required by the particular owner of the said trademark. Any other usage may be unauthorized and considered an illegal trademark infringement.