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T&D Metal 101: Back to the Basics

We are a third generation, family-owned metal products manufacturer that specializes in conception to completion. We opened our doors in 1951 thanks to Howard Dittrich and Otto Tauck. Over 65 years later, we still believe that people are our number one asset, regardless of the equipment we use. This mindset has kept us loyally rooted to our hometown of Watseka, Illinois. Even during the Great Recession of 2008, when businesses fled the area like rapid-fire, we continued to stand our ground in Watseka. Today, we employ over 130 employees and 90 direct labor employees. We are devoted to our humble beginnings.

Our specialty:

Our list of services is expansive:

  • Design and prototype development: Whatever your challenge, our expert design team stands ready with the skills needed to create the product prototype you envision. We have the systems and equipment in place to meet your strictest specifications and guidelines.
  • Fabrication: Once in production, our metalworking machinery and support equipment efficiently tackle runs from a few products to millions. We aim to achieve highly accurate tolerances that surpass specification requirements, while also eliminating waste to maximize profits for our customers.
  • Welding: Between spot-welding, CNC/TIG welds, MIG welding, and polishing, our facilities can meet your welding needs.
  • Stamping and drawing: Our stamping and drawing line includes mechanical presses from 75 tons to 2,000 tons and bed sizes up to 26 feet, high-capacity CNC Turret and CNC Press Brakes up to 750 tons, CNC Laser Cutting from 4,000 Watt Trumpf Laser with 6’x12’ capacity, and 2,600 watt Trumpf laser with 5’x10’ capacity.
  • Painting: In addition to our traditional paint process, we offer powder coating—an exceptionally smooth, appliance-quality finish. Available in both standard and customized colors, powder coating is less wasteful, better for the environment and, depending on the application, more cost-effective depending.
  • Assembly, finishing, and packaging: Our shipping operations are designed to complement our manufacturing process and close the customer-service loop.
  • Inventory and freight: Our expansive staging and well-equipped shipping areas easily accommodate the handling and transport of completed products, parts and sub-assemblies from the production line to the loading dock. And with our own T&D tractors and trailers, we have the ability to schedule shipments that meet the most demanding customer delivery requirements.

Meet our leader:

Today, we are owned by our original owner, Howard Dittrich’s grandson, Shane Dittrich. Shane began working at T&D Metal Products at the age of 10 when his father was president. Although he was young, Shane’s age did not limit his ability to gain hands-on experience in all aspects of the company, including internal procedures, shop floor operations, and office technology. Since he was a child, Shane knew that being president of his father’s company was his desired ‘end goal.’ In 2012, nearly 25 years after his first day at the company, Shane became president of T&D Metal.

Our recent successes:

Under Shane’s leadership, we have reached momentous achievements, and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Since 2012, we have experienced 54% growth, which has resulted in tripling our trucking fleet to meet shipping demands, as well as adding an additional 40,000 sq. ft. of space. We’ve also doubled our sales department to manage customer inquiries while focusing on client retention and growth. This year, we were recognized as one of The Fabricator’s 2017 Fab 40 companies and one of the fastest-growing private companies in America by Inc. 5000.


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